AirBnb Hosts and Taxes

Let tax master Dean Ferraro, EA teach you strategies to maximize your income. You'll learn how to minimize your exposure to taxes, uncover hundreds of tax deductions. He'll even help you get paid by the government to hire someone to help you run everything (if your county has the program)!

Protect Your AirBnb Investment

Learn Taxes From the Best...

Here is what you'll learn in this course:

1 Do you even need to pay taxes? Persons subject to US income tax

2 Rental income

3 What tax information will Airbnb provide

4 Expenses that can be deducted 

5 Proration of rental expenses 

6 Repairs & maintenance v. improvements – deduct or capitalize 

7 Depreciation

8 Limit on rental losses

9 How to report rental income and expenses

10 How to report deductible personal expenses

11 Reporting payments to independent contractors

12 How is (net) rental income taxed (Federal)

13 How is (net) rental income taxed (States)

14 Quarterly estimated tax payments

15 Sale of home used as rental property

16 Documents to be retained

17 Useful References

BONUS: How to find employment stimulus programs that refund wages you pay out (up to $20,000 in the first year!)

All this for only $99

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Dean Ferraro

Dean Ferraro is a tax specialist.

As an Enrolled Agent for Authoritax, he’s licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS in any financial matter.

He also is an IRS-certified tax instructor who has been featured on talk radio, industry websites, Fox News, Reuters, most recently, the Wall Street Journal.

He saves small businesses in tough spots with tax problems. He also helps with audits, strategic planning, IRS and State tax headaches.

You can reach him at: [email protected]

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